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Founding Chair

Raving industrial development in southern Russia demanded intensification of work on the extraction of mineral resources, primarily energy resources, ie coal and iron ore, manganese, cinnabar, fire clay, etc.

However, to increase the extraction of minerals needed to dramatically increase the proven reserves of minerals. The first mine minerals mined from shallow, but over time mine workings extended to greater depth, intelligence which was impossible without drilling considerable depth.

So there was a need for specialists in the field of drilling. In Katerinoslavsky higher mining college professor A.M.Terpyhoryev began teaching discipline "boring" for students, miners in 1900-1901 he was in September 1930, Geological Surveying Department offers drilling department for training mining engineers - boring. The first issue (21 expert) took place in 1935 (see annex 7-9).

In 1929 he founded the department of intelligence affairs. In the management of the Department was invited to Moscow Mining Engineer Abram Yakovlevich Himmelfarba.

During the department students are taught the following courses:
- Well drilling;
- Test and calculation of reserves.

Simultaneously prepared - as an independent discipline - "Methods and exploration of mineral resources", which is based on work Vernadsky, V.A.Obrucheva and other prominent scientists.

However, from 1930 to 1950 to receive training department of mining engineers, drillers has been suspended. Training engineers boring was continued in 1950 on higher engineering courses (AGE), which adopted individuals who have experience in the exploration organizations and secondary or special and incomplete higher education.

During the period from 1930 to 1956 the Department prepared 914 business intelligence mining engineers, geologists.

Full-time students receive training in the specialty "Technology exploration of mineral deposits" was restored in 1951.

Since 1957, the department is profiling the production of mining engineers in the specialty "Technology exploration of mineral deposits."

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