Dnipro University of Technology — Compliance with the Time

Department Technology Exploration of minerals - is:

  • Experts in the field: drilling in solid, liquid and gaseous minerals, drilling engineering, geotechnical and heotehnolohycheskyh wells;
  • Providing jobs for students and young professionals for the period of production practices and the allocation of exploration, mining, engineering and research companies and companies of Ukraine and CIS countries;
  • To work in manufacturing, research, design organizations of different sectors of the economy that lead to boring areas: geology, mining, oil and gas producing industry, construction, land reclamation and agriculture;
  • Getting second specialty in language, computer and economic training at a discount price.
  • The Department trains graduate students in the specialty, "Drilling».

    High level of theoretical and practical training department vehicles Intelligence RAC allows fundamental studies of drilling in such of its sections as drilling tools and equipment for the construction of wells, vybiyni engines of spatial position well, formulation of flushing fluid , innovative and entirely new methods of rock failure, control and instrumentation drilling and so on.

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