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Nowadays the Department is provided with the educational and experimental drilling ground with the educational building No.9. The ground is equipped with the drilling rigs of the УКБ (УКБ-1, УКБ-3, УКБ-4, УКБ-5, УКБ-7) and ЗІФ–650 series as well as 2 exploratory wells to carry out geophysical and hydrogeological studies.

While having educational and training practice, following drilling equipment is used: a drilling rig of hand drilling (electric) УКБ-1; a mobile rig УКБ-4П;a self-propelled drilling rig УКБ200/300С (used as a model).

A drilling rig of continuous penetration drilling УБП-15М (soil exploration for construction purposes) is used for geological practical training.

The building includes educational laboratories (“Drilling equipment”, “Rock mechanics”, “Washing liquids and grouting mixtures”), lecture rooms, and a computer class..

A laboratory to study drilling processes has drilling rigs ЗІФ-650М , УКБ-5 and a deep-drilling rig (down to 2000 m) УКБ-7П, which helps regulate the rotation frequency from 0 to 2000 rotations; they are used to analyze drilling processes under the real-life conditions (special granite blocks are available for that purposes) with the application of new (experimental) crowns and bits by the production order as well as pumping units НБ-32 (of piston type) and НБ-5(of plunger type)

The laboratory of washing fluids and grouting mixtures can meet the needs of postgraduate, students, and scientists, dealing with the development and improvement of new compounds for washing liquids and grouting mixtures even in terms of the available facilities.

The laboratory is equipped with the devices to define:

- - static stress of the washing fluid shift while drilling a well with the addition of different chemical reagents (a СНС-2device);

- filtration characteristics of a washing fluid while drilling a well, thickness of a clay cake, and filtration loss (a ВМ-6device);

- density of a washing fluid (an АГ-3ПП areometer and an АБР-1device);

viscosity of a washing fluid while drilling a well (a СПВ-5device);

- hardening of a grouting mixture and thickness of a filter cake (a «Vicat needle»device);

- content of a solid phase in a washing fluid while drilling a well (an ОМ-2mud settling sump);

- mobility of a grouting mixture (an АзНДІ cone);

- sedimentation stability of a drilling mud (a ЦС-2stability cylinder);

- rheological parameters of a drilling mud (a ВСН-3)rotational viscosimeter);

- strength of the cement in terms of a hydraulic press, a breaking machine, and a tensile-testing machine.

The laboratory of rock mechanics is used while determining physical and mechanical properties of rocks to elaborate expedient methods for their breaking as well as while studying metals and alloys to produce drilling equipment and tools. The laboratory is equipped with the necessary devices to define:

- density, volumetric mass, porosity of rocks (picknometers, analytical and electronic weighing units);

- uniaxial compression strength of rocks in terms of the regular-shape samples (a hydraulic press);

- acoustic and elastic properties of rocks with the help of ultrasound ( a УК-14Пdevice);

- effect of the surface-active substances on the tear and wear (a ЛКИ-3device);

- indices of adhesion and angle of internal friction of rocks (a hydraulic press, sets of matrices);

- impact viscosity and boundary action of the impact breaking of rocks (a pendulum impact machine МК-30 МК-30);

- categories of rock drillability according to the TsNIGRI methodology (a ПОАП-2М) devices and determination of the dynamic rock strength;

- mechanical properties of rocks (coefficient of plasticity, rock strength by stamp, boundaries of flow) using a УМГП-3device;

- thermophysical properties of materials (a measuring and computing complex , based on the analog-to-digital converter WAD-AIK-BUS (USB));

- microhardness of minerals and rocks (a microhardness tester ПМТ-3).

Equipment of the drilling ground

Spring at the drilling ground

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