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Drilling Company:


PJSC "Ukrnafta" - drilling and exploitation of, oil and gas , the retail sale of fuel through its own retail network.

SC "Ukrgazvydobuvannya - search and exploration of oil and gas, their development , mining, transportation, processing and sale of hydrocarbon oil.

DAT "Chernomorneftegaz - exploration drilling within the Black and Azov Seas construction of marine stationary platforms, undersea pipelines, construction and development of oil and gas, transportation extracted products to customers, as well as underground storage.


LLC "Burhaz - drilling company "Gazprom". The company specializes in drilling exploration and exploitation (including directional and horizontal) gas and oil wells and oilfield services such as repair of wells, an intensification of the inflow of hydrocarbons (including hydrogaps reservoir).

Group of companies Integro - Group of Companies "Integra" provides maintenance services oil companies -. drilling, repairing wells, geophysical research.

Group of companies "Rymera - great Russian oilfield and engineering company.

LLC "TNG-Group - LLC "TNG-Group" has been geological and geophysical work of exploration and exploitation of oil and gas fields and controls their development.

NPO "Burovaya Technics" - VNYYBT - engaged in the design of complex oil and gas wells, including the continental shelf. Since 1998, outside the Union producers of oil and gas equipment. Since 2005 member of the company Integra.

RBC - field and desk work on objects of any complexity and availability: core drilling and mining, sample preparation, sending samples to the major laboratories in Russia and abroad, making computer models of fields, counting reserves and their protection in GKZ and international standards.


Akpan - service company that offers services in the field of intelligence and drilling wells for oil and gas and water wells, major repairs and development wells, construction of oil and gas pipelines.

NWA "Nedraynvest" - build "turnkey" underground sources of drinking water supply, enterprises, institutions, including engineering, drilling intelligence and operational and technological wells, construction of borehole pumping stations.


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