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Specialty: DRILLING

Qualifying level: bachelor, specialist, master.

Specialist qualification: mining engineer.

Forms of education: full, correspondence.

Dates learning: Bachelor - 4 years; Specialist (Master) - 1 year.

Scope specialists - mining, geological and business builders.

Professional features specialists - exploration, research and mining, carrying communication lines.

Drilling - mining science that studies the mechanical properties of rocks, the basic patterns of destruction, methods and techniques destruction of rocks, ash vyburenoyi breed and strengthen the walls of the shafts, separation of layers, detection and testing productive horizons, complications of wiring and mounting hardware.

In today's economy of the country drilling used in various industries. For example, drill hole in order:

  • extraction of oil, gas, brine, healing waters;
  • underground mining of solid minerals (ventilation shafts, supply air ducts and electric cables);
  • sinking mines, extinguishing underground fires, freezing aquifers;
  • study of soils in the construction of tunnels, dams, bridges, factories, etc.;
  • air supply to the fire faces and disposal of combustible gases in the underground gasification of coal deposits;
  • water for cities, farms, farms, factories and railway stations as well as for irrigation of crops of cotton and other crops;
  • study of deposits in geological and geophysical studies, etc.;
  • of communications.
  • Wells is the only communications system that transport oil and gas to the surface, but drilling is the main source of production of hydrocarbons and other minerals of communication networks and so on.

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