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The department is trained in two specialties

1. Specialty code 184 "Mining", specialization


2. Specialty code 185 


Degrees of preparation:
bachelor, magister.

Qualification of specialists: Mining engineer.

Forms of education:full-time, part-time, advanced training courses.

Duration of study:
full-time study form:
bachelor – 4 years; magister - 1,5 years.
external form of education:
bachelor – 4 years; magister - 1 year 8 months.

Branch of activity of specialists – enterprises of the oil and gas industry, mining, geological and builders.

For the first time in the Dnipropetrovsk region, the "National Mining University" invites you to get an education in the department "Drilling Wells" in specialty 185 "Oil and Gas Engineering and Technology" specialization "Construction of Oil and Gas Wells" IN ENGLISH LANGUAGE. Students from Angola, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, Kongo, and other countries are successfully studying at the University. The Well Drilling Department closely cooperates with Atlas Copco.

Its activity focuses on petroleum, gas engineering and scientific research, mainly practical character.

The works of the Department of Drilling concentrate on designing boreholes, optimizing the parameters of drilling technology, working out the compositions of drilling muds and sealing slurries, designing tools and devices for on- and off-shore boreholes.

Today, almost all industries are developing new technologies. Companies that care about their condition in the market and prospects actively introduce these technologies in order to remain competitive in the near future and get a return on investment in engineering calculations.

Masters in the specialty "Construction of oil and gas wells" perfectly master the best tools for engineering calculations of the software complex ANSYS.

The object of activity - systems and technology of drilling and exploitation of oil and gas wells.

Learning objectives - training in drilling and operation of oil and gas wells, the use of the equipment oil and gas fields, pumping and compressor stations.

Professional functions - design technology of drilling oil and gas wells with the help of modern information technologies; methods of physical and mathematical modeling of thermodynamics and fluid dynamics of the formation of the well; drilling technology; gas oil field equipment, machinery, equipment, and control instrumentation.

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