Dnipro University of Technology — Compliance with the Time

At the invitation of the Rector Moscow Geological Prospecting Academy to lecture left; Professor Bessonov Y.D., prof. Dudlya M.A. lectured students NPI where Chair Technology Intelligence, provost of the university is a graduate of our department, PhD Professor Tretiak O.J. Professors Dudlya M.A. and Tretiak O.J. published two textbooks for students in "Technology and engineering exploration of mineral deposits", "Mud in drilling" and "accident in drilling," which are classified by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation.

Together with the employees of the Moscow State Geological Prospecting Academy (Prof. M. Soloviev and Chihotkin V.F.) Department TRRKK National Mining University (Professor Bessonov Y.D.) designed and built a stand for the study of processes of rock failure and irrigation wells by diamond drilling, studies of cavitation phenomena.

With interesting lectures on the geology of oil and gas, groundwater hydrodynamics, technology and engineering drilling to students, graduate students and professors of our university professors were KMMA Stanislav Juha, Anthony earth, Jakub Simon, who is honorary professor of the National Mining University.

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