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Department is proud of its graduates - known scientists, educators, business leaders, agencies and research institutes.

1. Bakarzhyyev Anatoly Hristofajevich - CEO of official government enterprise "Kirovgeologiya", winner of the USSR State Prize in science and technology. Graduate in 1959.

2. Bardas Vladimir - CEO of AK "Ukrzahidvuhillya" city of Vinnitsa. Graduate in 1964.

3. Basan, Peter T. - Director General of the State geological enterprise "Donbasheolohiya." Graduate in 1965.

4. Voitovich Feodosiyovych Anthony - Director of Poltava Department of Ukrainian State Geological Research Institute. Graduate in 1959.

5. Gavrilenko Mefodievich Nicholas - Professor Emeritus, Member of Geological Society of Ukraine, Minister of Geology of Ukraine. Graduate in 1959.

6. Danilchenko Evdokimovich Games - Director, Dnipropetrovsk branch of the Institute of Mineral Resources. Graduate in 1956.

7. Meleshkina SM - First Deputy Minister of Ferrous Metallurgy of the USSR. Graduate in 1955.

8. Pavlunishyn Paul A. - CEO of JSC "Promheotehnolohiya" city of St. Petersburg, Russia. Graduate in 1960.

9. Savchenko Nicholas P. - CEO PGO "Luhanskheolohiya." Graduate in 1966.

10. Sidorenko Oleksiy S. - Lenin Prize. Graduate in 1935.

11. Tretiak, Alexander Y. - Professor, PhD, Head of Geophysics and Engineering Intelligence Rector for Research of the South Russian State Technical University (NPI), the city Novocherkassk, Russia. Graduate in 1973.

12. Shaluhyn Alexander V. - Major General Army of Ukraine.

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