National TU Dnipro Polytechnic — Compliance with the Time


Currently the department taught the following subjects:

  • Automation in drilling
  • drilling machines and mechanisms
  • drilling for geotechnical surveys
  • drilling engineering wells
  • drilling in water
  • drilling for oil and gas
  • drilling into solid minerals
  • Vybiyni drilling machines
  • Heolohorozvidkova case and TV
  • exploration case
  • Environment
  • operation of drilling equipment
  • Zakinchuvannya well
  • Information
  • Computer technology in drilling
  • Materials
  • research methodology
  • Metrology, Standardization, Certification and Accreditation
  • Mechanics rocks
  • directional drilling
  • Basics automation of mining
  • Basics patent case
  • Fundamentals of technical creativity
  • Cleaning agents in drilling
  • design drilling machines and mechanisms
  • Professional functions and tasks Masters
  • Professional functions and tasks specialist
  • damage control in wells
  • destruction of rock drilling
  • plugging mixture
  • Transport in exploration work
  • Complications and accidents in drilling

  • Today, the Department Trainer ekperymentalnyy dispersion range of excellent educational buildings. Polygon equipped with modern rigs several UCB (UCB-1, UCB-3, UCB-4, UCB-5, UCB-7) and ZIF-650M. In the case placed educational laboratory, "Drilling Machines and Mechanisms", "Instrumentation", "Mechanics of rocks," "fluid washings," "directional drilling" and also subject laboratory.

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